Institute Activities

The UCLA Brain Research Institute’s primary mission is to maintain excellence in neuroscience education, research and outreach at UCLA, and functions to promote collaborative multi-disciplinary research in the area of neuroscience.

The BRI provides multiple mechanisms to invigorate research programs and support collaborations bringing together investigators from complementary fields. More here

The BRI co-ordinates a large portion of neuroscience educational programs on campus. More here.

The BRI aims to extend scientific knowledge into the community and inspire elementary and secondary school students to explore a career in neuroscience. More here.

In addition, the BRI:

  • Funds and administers a number of awards including: BRI-CTSI Team Science Awards; BRI Core Voucher Awards, Annual Eiduson Lecture Prize (pre doctoral award); Mary Eva Kavan Prize for Excellence in Brain Research (pre doctoral award); Travel Awards to the Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (pre and post doctoral awards), Fine Science Tools Postdoctoral Awards; and the BRI Postdoctoral Lecture Award.
  • Facilitates the flow of funding from donors to faculty for research, teaching and service missions. The BRI provides program support via an endowed Chair, three term chairs, two administrative chairs, two fellowships, scholarships, general endowment funds, and several funds for specific research areas.
  • Coordinates the UCLA chapter of the Society for Neuroscience.