Administrative Specialist

Phone: 310-825-0616

Director of IT

Phone: 310-206-0634

Chief Administrative Officer

Phone: 310-206-3022

Student Affairs Officer
Interdepartmental Graduate Program for Neuroscience

Phone: 310-825-8153

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 310-206-3436

Programs and Operations Manager

Phone: 310-825-6055

Microscopy/Spectroscopy Core Facility

Phone: 310-983-1077

Administrative Specialist

Phone: 310-825-5061

Student Affairs Officer
Undergraduate Neuroscience IDP

Phone: 310-206-4407

IT Coordinator

Phone: 310-825-7030

Facility Director
Electron Microcopy Core Facility and Microscopic Techniques Laboratory

Phone: 310-825-9848, 310-206-8054