Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Trainee Positions - Training in Neurotechnology Translation

07/14/2020 to 09/15/2020

Mission Statement

The mission of TNT is to train a new generation of neuroscientists and engineers to be leaders in the field of translational neurotechnology who have expertise in the longitudinal process of translating technology from bench-to-bedside in clinical neurosciences.

Program Description

TNT is a multidisciplinary program in which trainees gain expertise in basic, translational, and clinical neuroscience, and engineering by participating in key activities including:

  • Mentored research in the field of neurotechnology
  • Clinical immersion experience
  • Triple mentorship by a scientist, clinician, and statistician
  • TNT Seminar Series
  • Core coursework in scientific rigor and responsible conduct of research
  • Participation in campus-based innovation and/or translational activity
  • Submission of an individual funding application

Program Objectives

Through these key activities, trainees will be equip with the knowledge and skills needed to advance basic research towards clinical application by promoting a cohesive collaborative interdisciplinary approach to training, ensuring cross-spectrum exposure. The specific objectives are as follows:

  • Gain an understanding of the spectrum of translational neurotechnology research
  • Become experts in the longitudinal process of clinical translation
  • Learn how to define clinical needs and practicalities for translational research
  • Train in scientific rigor
  • Train in regulatory pathways and business of science, including communication
  • Gain exposure and understanding of industry perspectives and regulatory and business hurdles in translational neurotechnology


  • Applicant Qualification
  • Has met the admissions standards for the Ph.D. program of their proposed mentor, or have earned their Ph.D.
  • 2 pre-doctoral and 2 post-doctoral trainees (funded) and 2 pre-doctoral and 2 post-doctoral trainees (unfunded) will be admitted each year
  • Application Requirements
  • Applications due by September 1:
    • A nominating letter from their research mentor
    • Two additional letters of support
    • Summaries of education, accomplishments, and publications
    • Research proposal (1 page), including identification of a research mentor and proposal of possible clinical mentors
    • Attestation of ability to participate in weekly CENT seminars and all required coursework
    • Statement of career goals related to translational neurotechnology (1 page)
    • Pre-doctoral Trainees: Eligible students from Bioengineering, Neuroscience Interdepartmental Program (NSIDP), Electrical and Computer Engineering, Psychology, Neurobiology, and Computational Medicine or other departments with adjacent fields of focus
    • Post-Doctoral Trainees: Must be able to commit to completing the full two year training program


Please submit all applications to

For questions regarding the TNT program or application, please contact Dr. Nader Pouratian,, or Dr. Nanthia Suthana,