State and County Science Fairs

The Brain Research Institute sponsors awards at both the Los Angeles County and California State Science Fairs for outstanding projects in neuroscience. At the Los Angeles County Science Fair, four award winners, two from the Junior Division and two from the Senior Division, are selected by one or more judges from UCLA. The winners are announced at the awards ceremony at the conclusion of the fair. At the California State Science Fair, three special awards (first, second, and third place) in both the Junior and Senior Divisions are presented. Project posters are reviewed by a panel of judges from the Brain Research Institute and the awards are presented at the conclusion of the poster session.  Each award winner receives a certificate and a cash prize in recognition of their achievement. 

For the winners of the BRI Special Recognition Awards at the 2020 California State Science Fair, visit here.

For other previous winners at the Los Angeles County and California State Science Fairs, visit here.

For more information about the fairs, visit the following links:

LA County Science Fair
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