High School Site Visits

The Brain Research Institute designs and sponsors several programs aimed at brining UCLA educational neuroscience resources into high school classrooms. These programs include:

Project Brainstorm

Project Brainstorm is a class (NS 192) offered to upper division Neuroscience students at UCLA.  In this class, students prepare lessons on various Neuroscience topics, then travel to K-12 classrooms in the Los Angeles area to present their lessons and a series of hands-on activities demonstrating brain anatomy, organization, and function. NS 192 is offered Winter and Spring quarters to UCLA students. More here.

For further details on Project Brainstorm, please read the following articles published in the Public Library of Science (Biology) and International Innovation journals. For registration information, please contact brainstorm@ucla.edu

Drug Abuse and Society

Drug Abuse and Society is a special class that trains UCLA senior neuroscience students to present accurate, knowledgeable, and age-appropriate lectures on specific legal and illegal drugs of abuse to high school students. UCLA students and their instructors visit traditionally underserved high schools to provide both a scientific and policy based education with the aim of both inspiring teenagers who may be interested in a career in addiction and mental health research, and educating teens on the risks of drug use. The class syllabus is here

Further information and educational resources are available here.