The Los Angeles Brain Bee

The Los Angeles Brain Bee is a local competition where high school students from the Los Angeles area can come and showcase their neuroscience knowledge. The competition includes a series of written and practical tests to determine a semi-finalists from a larger pool of participants. The finalists then go on to compete in a Jeopardy style Q/A game to determine the winner. This student goes on to represent Los Angeles in the National Brain Bee. Each Los Angeles Brain Bee features a special neuroscience lecture from a prominent faculty member, which is open to students, teachers and parents. The BRI has co-sponsored this event for the last several years and hosts the event on campus every other year.

InterAxon is heavily involved in the Brain Bee and assists coordination of the day’s activities such as proctoring and grading the tests, and taking the students and parents to tour labs around campus. Information on application deadlines and other instructions can be found in the Brain Bee website (

The next Brain Bee will be held in 2020 at the University of Southern California.