Brain Injury Lesson Plan

Brain Injury Lesson PlanWill it crack?

Background: Understanding and preventing brain injury is very important. This activity will illustrate how the brain can get injured and how our skulls and helmets can prevent these injuries.


1) Demo: 1 closed glass jar half-filled with water and 1 egg.

2) Newspaper, tape, scissors, eggs (1 per 2 kids).

3) Prior to activity, cut the tape up into medium size pieces.


1) Demo: Show how the brain is like the egg in the water-filled jar. Jar = skull; egg = brain; water = cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). As you move around, the brain is suspended in CSF inside the skull and moving slightly. Then shake the jar really hard and hit it against your hand.

a) What happened to the egg? How does the brain get injured when you hit your head hard? (It hits the side the skull just as the egg hits the jar.) 
b) Discuss what happens in a concussion.

2) Split students into groups with 2 in each group.

3) Give each group an egg, 1 newspaper, and 3 pieces of tape.

4) Start the timer for 4 minutes. Students can begin building their egg helmets.

5) After 4 min, stop all the groups and have them all drop the egg helmets onto the floor (in an area where you already put down newspaper).

6) Have the groups open up their helmets and see if their egg broke.

7) Discuss:

a) Ask: Why did your helmet work/didn?t work? Would you have done anything differently in designed your helmet egg?
b) Ask: What protects our brain? What are some things we can do to further protect our brain? (wearing helmets, seatbelts, etc).

Take home points

1) Discussion on what happens in a concussion.

2) Discussion on what happens when brain tissue is damaged; what happens to the neurons.

3) Discussion on how to keep our brains safe!