Debora B. Farber, Ph.D., D.Ph.h.c.


Karl Kirchgessner Professor, Ophthalmology
Member, Brain Research Institute
Jules Stein Eye Institute

Contact Information

Work Phone Number: 310-206-6800 310-206-7375
Laboratory Address: LaboratoryJSEILos Angeles, CA 90095UNITED STATES Office Address: OfficeDSERCLos Angeles, CA 90095UNITED STATES


Research Interest: Retinal biochemistry, Molecular biology, Genetics of retinal degenerations My research focuses on the isolation and characterization of genes involved in inherited retinal diseases using biochemistry, molecular biology, molecular genetics, animal models of retinal degeneration, and the DNA from affected patients. My laboratory has cloned and characterized several genes encoding enzymes and proteins that play a key role in vision. We have demonstrated that genetic abnormalities in one of the subunits of these enzymes, beta-phosphodiesterase, leads to blindness in some animal models (mice and dogs) and in some recessive forms of human retinitis pigmentosa. With the application of gene therapy, we have temporarily rescued degenerating mouse photoreceptors using modified adenoviral vectors to deliver the normal beta-phosphodiesterase gene to these cells. We are now investigating non-viral and non-invasive delivery systems to provide cells defective in a particular gene or gene product with the correct gene or drug. My laboratory has also isolated the mouse homolog of the gene causing X-linked juvenile retinoschisis; the gene causing disease in the rd7 mouse; RP1, a novel gene responsible for a type of human dominant retinitis pigmentosa; and the gene disrupted by an inversion that causes disease in the Rd4 mouse. Recently, we have initiated a program for the study of ocular albinism, a developmental disease involving deficient melanogenesis in the retinal pigment epithelium and misrouting of optic axons at the brain's optic chiasm. Other areas of investigation include isolation of cone-specific genes. Abnormalities in these genes may cause human cone dystrophies and inherited or age-related macular degenerations. In addition, we are trying to elucidate the mechanisms that regulate transcription and expression of genes that encode retinal proteins, and we are testing the DNA from patients affected with retinal dystrophies for mutations in candidate genes. We also study genes responsible for diseases of the central nervous system.


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