Elizabeth R. Sowell, Ph.D.


Director of the Developmental Cognitive Neuroimaging Laboratory, Neurology
Associate Professor, Neurology
Member, Brain Research Institute

Contact Information

Work Phone Number: 310-267-5116
Work Address: LaboratoryReedLos Angeles, CA 90095UNITED STATES


Normal and Abnormal Brain Development Assessed with Functional and Structural MRI My research focuses on the assessment of brain structural and functional changes during normal and abnormal development. I am actively involved in the conceptual development of new structural Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) analysis tools through the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, and am currently applying them in collaborative studies of normally developing children, adolescents and young adults, and children with neurodevelopmental disorders such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, dyslexia, Tourette syndrome, ADHD, and obsessive compulsive disorder. Additionally, I will be pursuing new studies using a combination of functional and structural MRI in both normally developing children and adolescencts, and in children with prenatal exposure to alcohol or methamphetamine.