Orkun Akin, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor, Neurobiology

Member, Cell & Developmental Biology GPB Home Area

Molecular, Cellular & Integrative Physiology GPB Home Area

Neuroscience GPB Home Area

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A selected list of publications:

Bieling Peter, Hansen Scott D, Akin Orkun, Li Tai-De, Hayden Carl C, Fletcher Daniel A, Mullins R Dyche   WH2 and proline-rich domains of WASP-family proteins collaborate to accelerate actin filament elongation The EMBO journal, 2018; 37(1): 102-121.
Akin Orkun, Zipursky S Lawrence   Frazzled promotes growth cone attachment at the source of a Netrin gradient in the eLife, 2016; 5(1): 102-121.
Tadros Wael, Xu Shuwa, Akin Orkun, Yi Caroline H, Shin Grace Ji-Eun, Millard S Sean, Zipursky S Lawrence   Dscam Proteins Direct Dendritic Targeting through Adhesion Neuron, 2016; 89(3): 480-93.
Pecot Matthew Y, Chen Yi, Akin Orkun, Chen Zhenqing, Tsui C Y Kimberly, Zipursky S Lawrence   Sequential axon-derived signals couple target survival and layer specificity in the Drosophila visual system Neuron, 2014; 82(2): 320-33.
Chen Yi, Akin Orkun, Nern Aljoscha, Tsui C Y Kimberly, Pecot Matthew Y, Zipursky S Lawrence   Cell-type-specific labeling of synapses in vivo through synaptic tagging with recombination Neuron, 2014; 81(2): 280-93.
Akin Orkun, Zipursky S Lawrence   The shape of things to come Cell, 2014; 156(1-2): 13-4.
Dayel Mark J, Akin Orkun, Landeryou Mark, Risca Viviana, Mogilner Alex, Mullins R Dyche   In silico reconstitution of actin-based symmetry breaking and motility PLoS biology, 2009; 7(9): e1000201.