Suraj P. Bhat, Ph.D.


Professor, Ophthalmology

Member, Brain Research Institute

Stein Eye Institute

Contact Information

Fax Number: 310 794 2144
Work Phone Number: 310 -825- 9544

Work Address:

100-Stein Plaza, JSEI
Los Angeles, CA 90095
100-Stein Plaza, JSEI
Los Angeles, CA 90095


A selected list of publications:

Bhat, SP   Transparency and non-refractive functions of crystallins--a proposal Experimental eye research. , 2004; 79(6): 809-16.
Gangalum RK, Schibler MJ, Bhat SP.   Small heat shock protein alphaB-crystallin is part of cell cycle-dependent Golgi reorganization The Journal of biological chemistry. , 2004; 279(42): 43374-7.
Somasundaram T and Bhat SP:   Developmentally Dictated Expression of Heat Shock Factors and Specific Interaction of the AlphaB-crystallin Heat Shock Promoter with HSF4, The Journal of biological chemistry. , 2004; 279: 44497-44503 .
Bhat SP, Rayner SA, Chau S and Ariyasu RG:   Pax-6 in post-hatch chick retina during and recovery from Form-Deprivation Myopia, Dev. Neurosci, 2004; 26: 328 - 335.
Somasundaram T and Bhat SP:   Canonical heat shock element in the aB-crystallin gene shows tissue-specific and developmentally controlled interactions with heat shock factor, J. Biol. Chem. , 2000; 275: 17154-17159.
Bhat, SP, Hale, IL, Matsumoto B and Elghanayan D.   Ectopic Expression of aB-crystallin in Chinese Hamster Ovary cells suggests a nuclear role for this protein, Eur. J. Cell. Biol. , 1999; 78: 143-150.
Bhat, SP Rayner, SA Huang, CM Ariyasu, RG   Quantitative estimation of RNA transcripts suggests persistence of Pax-6 expression in the postembryonic chick retina Developmental neuroscience. , 1999; 21(2): 140-6.