Brain Tumor

Mission and Goals:

The goal of the Brain Tumor Affinity Group is to enhance communication, collaboration and synergy among the growing number of basic science and translational investigators in the field of brain tumor research here at UCLA and to promote UCLA's visibility as a leader in the area of brain tumors locally, nationally and internationally.


Affinity Group Participants:

Steve Bensinger, PhD (Molecular and Medical Pharmacology)

Timothy F. Cloughesy, MD (Neurology)

Benjamin Ellingson, PhD (Radiology)

Tania Kaprealian, MD (Radiation Oncology)

Harley Kornblum, MD, PhD (Molecular and Medical Pharmacology)

Albert Lai, MD, PhD (Neurology)

Linda M. Liau, MD, PhD (Neurosurgery)

David Nathanson, PhD (Molecular and Medical Pharmacology)

Stanley F. Nelson, MD (Human Genetics)

Leia Nghiemphu, MD (Neurology)

Frank Pajonk, PhD (Radiation Oncology)

Whitney Pope, MD (Radiology)

Robert M. Prins, PhD (Neurosurgery)

Elaine F. Reed, PhD (Pathology)

Harry V. Vinters, MD (Pathology)

Isaac Yang, MD (Neurosurgery)

William Yong, MD (Pathology)


How to Join:

Linda M. Liau, MD, PhD
Professor, Department Neurosurgery
300 Stein Plaza, Suite 420
Mail Code: 690119
Phone: 310-825-5111; Fax: 310-825-9385

Robert M. Prins, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Neurosurgery
300 Stein Plaza, Suite 562
Mail Code: 690119
Phone: 310-825-4207; Fax: 310-206-2093