Circadian and Sleep Medicine Affinity Group

Mission and Goals:

The Circadian and Sleep Medicine Affinity Group at UCLA Medical Center consists of faculty, clinical and research fellows, staff research associates, medical residents, and students who share an interest in sleep and circadian rhythms. It is becoming increasing clear that robust daily rhythms of sleep & wake are essential to good health. A wide range of studies have demonstrated that disruption of the circadian system leads to a cluster of symptoms, including metabolic deficits, cardiovascular problems, immune dysfunction, difficulty sleeping and cognitive deficits. Many people, including patients with psychiatric and neurological diseases, exhibit disturbances in their daily sleep-wake cycle as part of their daily life. These people have difficulty sleeping at night and staying awake during the day, which has a profound impact on the quality of life for those not sleeping but also for their family members. Broadly speaking, members of this affinity group are focused on understanding the mechanisms underlying the disruptions in sleep/wake cycle and importantly the development of new interventions designed to stabilize these rhythms.


Affinity Group Participants:

Avidan, Alon Y

Block, Gene D

Bower, Julienne

Butler, Peter

Colwell, Christopher S

Donlea, Jeff

Fuligni, Andrew

Gomez-Pinilla, Fernando

Harper, Ron M

Irwin, Michael R

Kim, Jenny

Martin, Jenny

Matynia, Anna

Nishimura, Ichrio

Paul, Ketema

Poe, Gina

Roos, Ken

Sampath, Alapakkam

Siegel, Jerry

Szymusiak, Ron

Waschek, James

Wayne, Nancy

Woods, Lynn


How to Join:

Christopher S. Colwell
Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences
77-352 Semel Institute
Mail Code: 175919
Phone: 310-206-3973; Fax: 310-206-5060