Computational Neuroscience Affinity Group

Mission and Goals:

The Computational Neuroscience Affinity group provides a forum for BRI-affiliated investigators actively involved in computational research to meet to exchange ideas, to inform each other of research developments in their labs, to get updated about the new developments in the field, and to promote interaction or collaboration among the labs. The goal of this affinity group is to try and to fill this void, to help promote a community of computational neuroscience researchers with a more vigorous interaction within the community at UCLA as well as a more active interaction with other computational neuroscience researchers in Southern California.

We plan to have one meeting per month. About half of these meetings will include a seminar given by an invited speaker from the local Southern California area, and about half of the meetings will involve presentation of a research project by one of the affinity group members. All presentations will be followed by discussion.

The presentations by invited speakers will serve to update our affinity group members about new advancements in the field, and to create connections with relevant researchers in neighboring universities. The presentations by the affinity group members will serve to inform the group about the research work of our colleagues, to provide opportunities to get valuable feedback, and opportunities for collaboration between labs.


Affinity Group Participants:

James Bisley (Neurobiology)

Tad Blair (Psychology)

Dean Buonomano (Neurobiology)

Patricia Cheng (Psychology)

Tom Chou (Biomathematics)

Mark Cohen (Neurology)

Jack Feldman (Neurobiology)

Joaquin Fuster

Keith Holyoak (Psychology)

Zili Liu (Psychology)

Hongjing Lu (Psychology)

Uri Moaz (Psychology)

Russell Poldrack (Psychology)

Tom Otis (Neurobiology)

Dario Ringach (Neurobiology)

Stan Schein (Psychology)

John Schlag (Neurobiology)

Ladan Shams (Psychology)

James Thomas (Psychology)

Luminita Vese (Mathematics)

Stephanie White (Physiological Science)

Alan Yuille (Statistics)


How to Join:

Ladan Shams
Department of Psychology and Biobehavioral Sciences
7445B Franz Hall
Mail Code: 156304
Phone: 310-206-3630; FAX: 310-206-5895

Brian Odegaard, PhD
Department of Psychology
1285 Franz Hall
Mail Code: 156304

Megan Peters, PhD
Department of Psychology
7531 Franz Hall
Mail Code: 156304