Inner Ear Affinity Group

Mission and Goals:

The senses of hearing and balance play crucial roles in our lives as they help us orient ourselves in space, provide us with crucial information for locating objects and events, and provide us with a means of communicating with each other. The first step in the processing of auditory and vestibular information occurs in the inner ear, an organ whose functioning is largely not understood to this day. There are a number of research groups in UCLA, in a wide range of departments, studying different aspects of the inner ear, from mechanics, biophysics, cellular biology, to more clinical applications. The affinity group provides a chance for us to meet regularly and exchange ideas with scientist from very different backgrounds. We meet for a monthly journal club, at which members present on their recent research; we also invite outside speakers to give seminars on related topics.


Affinity Group Participants:

Dolores Bozovic

Alan Grinnell

Larry F. Hofman

Vincente Honrubia

Ivan Lopez

Walter Metzner

Peter Narins

Felix E. Schweizer

David Strelioff


Katerina Oikomomou

Bas Menderick

Yuki Quionoes

Graduate Students:

Victoria Arch

Dylan Hirsch-Shell

Rebecca Hu

Albert Kao

Erika Nelson

Yuki Quinones

Gina Rinetti

Elliott Strimbu

Diane Su



Tobias Falzone

Rashid Williams-Garcia

Xochitl Williams-Garcia


How to Join:

Doris Bozovic
Department of Physics and Astronomy
3-112 Knudsen
Mail Code: 1547005
Phone: 310-825-6176