Visual Neurosciences


Within the umbrella of Neuroscience, Visual Neuroscience has emerged as one of the first truly cross-disciplinary endeavors covering all experimental facets from molecular and cellular processes, to higher-level physiology and vision psychophysics. Experiments on vertebrate and invertebrate visual systems over the past half-century have provided a general framework for the design and function of neural systems that compute information and confer exquisite characteristics. Despite UCLA’s strengths in every experimental facet of vision science, Visual Neuroscience has never been used as an organizational structure for bringing together vision scientists until this past year. The mission of the Visual Neurosciences Affinity Group is to provide a forum for participants to interact across levels of biological and psychological investigation, and forge collaborations that will extend further our understanding of the function (and dysfunction) of the visual system.


This affinity group meets monthly between October through June. The program will focus on the presentation of scientific data generated in the laboratories of the affinity group members. Particular emphasis will be given to presenters who are senior graduate students or postdoctoral fellows, to provide these trainees with formal instruction and feedback in their scientific presentation. Once per quarter the affinity group will host a prominent speaker from outside the university to present an open research seminar, and also to interact with the trainees.

For information on how to join, contact:


James Bisley, PhD
Department of Neurobiology
UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine
Phone: 310-267-3467


Alapakkam P. Sampath, PhD
Department Ophthalmology and Neurobiology
UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine
Phone: 310-825-2024