Advances in Adolescent Neurodevelopment Symposium

May 11, 2018

8:30 am / 11:00 am


Gonda 1st Floor Conference Room, 1357

Advances in Adolescent Neurodevelopment Symposium: Neural Mechanisms of Prosocial Behavior
Eveline A. Crone, Ph.D.
Professor of Neurocognitive Developmental Psychology, Leiden University, The Netherlands
?Vicarious Rewards in Adolescence and Relations with Prosocial Behavior?
Eva H. Telzer, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
?The Intersection of Prosocial and Risk Taking Behavior across Adolescence?
Andrew J. Fuligni, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychiatry & Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles
?The Need to Contribute during Adolescence?