Department of Neurobiology Annual Fall Symposium

September 30, 2015

1:00 pm / 5:00 pm


NRB Auditorium

Department of Neurobiology Annual Symposium – ?Representing Sensory Reality in the Brain?

?Telling Time with the Dynamics of Neural Circuits?
Dean Buonomano, Ph.D., Professor & Vice?Chair, Dept of Neurobiology
?Sensory Reality Represented Cross?modally in Drosophila?
Mark Frye, Ph.D., Professor, Depts of Integrated Biology & Physiology and Neurobiology
?From Virtual Reality to Reality: How Neurons make Spatial Maps?
Mayank Mehta, Ph.D., Professor, Depts of Physics & Astronomy& Neurobiology
?? Opioid Receptor Regulation & Signaling in the ?Brain?in?the?Gut??
Catia Sternini, Ph.D., Professor, Depts of Medicine & Neurobiology
?Hypothalamic Control of Sleep Homeostasis?
Ronald Szymusiak, Ph.D., Professor,Depts of Medicine & Neurobiology