Drug Discovery for Autism Spectrum Disorder Symposium

April 7, 2015

9:00 am / 12:00 pm


Gonda First Floor Conference Room, 1357

Biotech Connection LA – Mini Symposium and Networking lunch: Drug Discovery in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Please join us for a multifaceted symposium focusing on the latest developments in drug discovery for Autism Spectrum Disorder. We will have multiple speakers elucidating the topic form a variety of angles, ranging from basic research to industry perspectives. A free networking lunch with the speakers will be offered at the end of the symposium.
Dr. James McCracken MD (UCLA Dept of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences)
Dr. Thomas Otis PhD (UCLA Neurobiology/Roche Pharmaceutical Research and Early Development)
Dr. Daniel Campbell PhD (USC Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences)
Dr. Daniel Geschwind MD PhD (UCLA Neurology, Psychiatry and Human Genetics)

RSVP at autismsymposium.eventbrite.com
RSVP for lunch with speakers at autismlunch.eventbrite.com