Huntington’s Disease Systems Biology Minisymposium

July 28, 2017

9:00 am / 12:40 pm


Gonda 1st Floor Conference Room (#1357)

Huntington’s Disease Systems Biology Minisymposium

9:00 am ? 9:05 am X. William Yang (UCLA)
9:05 am ? 9:35 am Jim Rosinski (CHDI)
Huntington’s disease systems biology research at CHDI

9:35 am ? 10:05 am Steve Horvath (UCLA)
DNA methylation analysis of human Huntington’s disease

10:05 am-10:35 am X. William Yang (UCLA)
Integrating mouse genetics & systems biology to study Huntington’s
disease pathogenesis

10:35 am-10:50 amCoffee Break

10:50 am-11:20 am Christian Neri (INSERM)
Reconstructing the temporal dynamics of HD across network models

11:20 am-11:50 am Leslie Thompson (UCI)
Integrated omics analysis for HD and ALS iPSCs

11:50 am-12:20 pm Steve Finkbeiner (Gladstone/UCSF)
Applications of systems biology strategies for HD in live intact cells

12:20 pm-12:40 pm Lan Lin (Yi Xing lab, UCLA)
RNA splicing dysregulation in HD patient brains
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