ICNG Seminar – Genevieve Konopka, Ph.D.

April 29, 2021

12:00 pm / 1:00 pm


Zoom Meeting – https://uclahs.zoom.us/j/98033700514 – Password: 98kqHr.

Integrative Center for Neurogenetics Seminar (ICNG)

?Cell-Type Specific Transcriptional Networks Related to Cognition?

Genevieve Konopka, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Neuroscience
University of Texas Southwestern

Zoom Meeting – https://uclahs.zoom.us/j/96119255955
Meeting ID: 961 1925 5955
Password: *FGi8n

For more information, please contact Adara Lui at alui@mednet.ucla.edu