Synaptic Imaging Seminar- Mohammad Parvez Alam, Ph.D., Mehrdad Balandeh, Ph.D. and Nathanael Allison,

November 9, 2017

5:45 pm / 6:45 pm


CHS Ahmanson A-Level Conference Room (AR-277 CHS)

Synaptic Imaging Affinity Group Seminar
“Development of a PetLigand for State-Dependent Synaptic Imaging”
Mohammad Parvez Alam, Ph.D., Drug Discovery Laboratory, Department of Neurology, Mary S. Easton Center For Alzheimer’s Disease Research
“Electrochemical Fluorination and Radiofluorination of Organic Molecules”
Mehrdad Balandeh, Ph.D., UCLA Department of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology
“CNS Pet Probes: COX2 Inhibitor and Modafinil. Why Electrochemistry Can Help”
Nathanael Allison, UCLA Biomedical Physics Interdepartmental Program