Under close supervision with daily instruction, you will assist laboratory researchers in molecular studies of astrocytes.  You will perform standard molecular techniques that include purification of DNA, RNA and protein, PCR, transfection, transformation, tissue culture, and bacterial cultures.  Electrophoresis of nucleic acids and proteins by various methods, including: agarose; polyacrylamide; SDS-PAGE, Northern, Southern and Western blotting.  You will also organize, collect, and process experimental data.


  • Skill to collect process and analyze experimental data.
  • Ability to grow and maintain tissue culture lines.
  • Working knowledge and experience in Molecular Biology.
  • Skill to maintain accurate scientific records.
  • Perform multiple tasks simultaneously and prioritize responsibilities.
  • Knowledge of DNA and RNA purification
  • Ability to perform PCR reactions, restriction digests, SDS-PAGE, gel electrophoresis, protein/RNA isolation, and bacterial transformations
  • Ability to cut, clone, purify and insert DNA into vectors; and Perform mini preps and plasmid preparations.
  • Mouse handling experience including immunohistochemistry.
  • BS or PhD degree in Science or basic Molecular Biology and Biochemistry knowledge.
  • Experience in the University environment, preferred.