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Tahjai Sharpe

Year in program: 2018

UCLA Mentors: Dr. Adriana Galvan


Current Institution: Howard University

Tah-jai Sharpe is a recent graduate of Howard University. He has acquired his Bachelor’s of Science in Biology & Psychology and minored in Chemistry & Classical Civilization and graduated Magna Cum Laude with High Honors. He is the founder of a non-profit organization (2017) called Mentoring Youth & Teens’ Health (MYTH) geared towards mental health awareness and youth development. He has also served as an undergraduate researcher for 4 years with experiences ranging from Howard University to MIT to UCLA research. Sharpe has represented his country and school on the national and international level via conferences and research presentations which includes STEM Research and travel to Germany. He is a Forbes Under 30 Scholar and a 2019-2020 fellow at the Clinton Global Initiative. Tah-jai is passionate about utilizing epigenetic research and international policy to achieve justice for marginalized communities with a focus on health equity.

Jeremy Murphy

Year in program: 2018

UCLA Mentors: Dr. David Evan Krantz

HBCU Mentors: Dr. Hakeem Lawal


Current Institution: Washington University School of Law

Jeremy spent three and a half years in a neuroscience lab at Delaware State University. He studied behavior in drosophila that had mutations in the gene encoding for VAChT. Their group looked to see how the transportation of acetylcholine affects the aging process. At UCLA he was able to spend the summer with Dr. Krantz who had previously served as a mentor to Jeremy’s mentor from Delaware State. Jeremy had a great experience, and was able to accomplish a lot as he already had a lot of experience with fruit flies. At UCLA his project specifically focused on tracking the presence of octopamine in the larval neuromuscular junction. Currently, he attends Washington University School of Law. Jeremy hopes to pursue intellectual property law where he can bridge his interest for science and the law.