Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity Statement

The UCLA BRI embraces equity, diversity, and inclusiveness; we believe in an inclusive approach to STEM programs where equal opportunities and equitable outcomes can exist for all our trainees. More importantly, all members of the BRI have a voice and are encouraged to contribute to our community even beyond their academic excellence.  The BRI strives to acknowledge the systemic effects that follow disparities in socioeconomic backgrounds, race, gender, sexuality, or additional factors which serve as barriers to success in academia. Through its ongoing education and outreach efforts, the BRI aspires to impart neuroscience knowledge especially to the underserved communities and is committed to encourage changes that will create and maintain opportunities for engagement, education, and discourse.

Progress in science relies on collaborations. The BRI supports initiatives that foster open-mindedness, compassion, and inclusiveness among individuals and groups. People coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences, with different perspectives, that can ask different questions, and that can be creative and innovative, are the ones that will drive science forward.

For EDI resources please visit https://equity.ucla.edu/edi-ucla/