Statement on Ukraine

Statement on Ukraine

Dear Community,

As the darkness of war descends again on Europe, the BRI stands with the people of Ukraine and their right to defend themselves against aggression. We recognize in sadness that this is not the only war occurring in our world today. As neuroscientists we acknowledge the immense damage that armed conflict inflicts on brain function either directly through brain injury or indirectly through the short and long term consequences of acute and chronic stress, notwithstanding the more obvious damage to the physical integrity and personal property of the victims. Importantly, we recognize that these repercussions affect not only the aggressed population, but also those in the aggressor nation (civilians and soldiers alike), especially those that condemn the war.

Finally, we want to remember and lend our support to our fellow scientists who either themselves are in the war torn areas or their hearts and minds are there with family, friends, and colleagues. We acknowledge their disrupted or destroyed work and the loss of their contributions to science and the world. The BRI welcomes ideas regarding ways we can support the besieged scientific community in Ukraine and elsewhere.

If you wish to support the Ukrainian nation, please visit  a website put together by the daughter of one of our faculty members. The UCLA Political Science Department recommends the Kyiv School of Economics which accepts tax-deductible donations.

If you are experiencing stress and anxiety, please consider these resources:

For trainees:

For staff and faculty:


In Solidarity,

The BRI Steering Committee