InterAxon (Grades: K-12)

InterAxon is a student group that was founded in 2006 by an undergraduate student, Shanna Fang, right after she took one of the first Project Brainstorm as part of the undergraduate neuroscience program.  She found Project Brainstorm so useful that she decided to create an independent student group to get more undergraduates involved in disseminating neuroscience to school-aged children.  The BRI has supported InterAxon both logistically (giving access to specimens, models, and other didactic materials) as well as financially funding educational activities like a yearly science poster day that they host here at UCLA for kids from local schools).  As an informal extension of Project Brainstorm, InterAxon has greatly expanded the outreach capabilities of the BRI with 2-3 school visits every week of the fall, winter and spring quarters and multiple on-campus fairs and collaborative events each quarter.  InterAxon is also heavily involved in the Los Angeles /Irvine Brain Bee.  They maintain the Los Angeles Brain Bee website and assist in recruitment and the writing of a portion of the exam as well as coordination of the day’s activities.  You can find all the information on InterAxon (their calendar of activities, deadlines and instructions on how students can sign up to participate in their activities) on their web page (  Jakob von Morgenland and Laila Khorasani are the current Co-Presidents.

To find more information on Interaxon, send an email to