Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs


The UCLA Undergraduate Interdepartmental Program for Neuroscience (U-NSIDP) is a multidisciplinary program in the Life Sciences Division of the College of Letters and Science. Topics of fundamental interest include perception, cognition, learning, memory, motor control, and regulation of body function. The U-NSIDP aims to explore the principles and concepts of this broad range of nervous system function at many levels of analysis, including molecular, cellular, synaptic, network, computational, and behavioral. Neuroscience classes range in size from the typical enrollment of approximately 200 students in NS m101A to unique seminars of 25 students.

Project Brainstorm

Project Brainstorm (NEUROS 192B) is offered to upper division Neuroscience students at UCLA.  In this class, students prepare lessons on various Neuroscience topics, then travel to K-12 classrooms in the Los Angeles area to present their lessons and a series of hands-on activities demonstrating brain anatomy, organization, and function. NEUROSC 192B is offered Winter and Spring quarters to UCLA students. For more details on Project Brainstorm, please read the following articles published in the Public Library of Science (Biology) and International Innovation journals. For registration information, please contact brainstorm@ucla.edu (and cc neurosci@ucla.edu).

Drug Abuse and Society

Drug Abuse and Society: Conveying Concepts to High School Students (192C) is a follow up to NEUROSC C1177/C277 (Drugs of Abuse: From Neurobiology to Policy and Education). The main goal of NEUROSC 192CX is to provide the most promising students from the NEUROSC C177 course with a venue to showcase their presentations on drugs of abuse. Within the course, the students design a short, educational presentation on specific legal and illegal drugs of abuse which they then deliver to an audience of high school students. Before visiting the actual schools, these presentations are critiqued by both the instructors and peers alike to help improve them. The first half of the quarter focuses on polishing the presentations and the second half of the quarter is geared towards the actual field presentations. This course is offered during Spring Quarter and is limited to students that have taken the NEUROSC C1177 class. For more information regarding the High School Drug Education Outreach here.