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Empowering collaborative and diverse Neuroscience research, education and outreach at UCLA.

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The UCLA Brain Research Institute (BRI) is a catalyst for education, outreach, and research collaborations among scientists, engineers and clinicians who seek to understand the healthy and diseased brain.

Formed in 1959, the BRI is one of the first neuroscience research collectives established in the United States. Now, with approximately some 300 faculty members representing nearly 30 departments from 6 schools, the institute is UCLA’s central force in its mission to advance interdisciplinary basic and clinical neuroscience.

In order to accomplish this mission, the BRI provides multiple financial, informational, and operational resources to invigorate research programs and support collaborations bringing together investigators from disparate scientific fields. The BRI also co-ordinates neuroscience educational programs on campus, including the undergraduate and graduate Neuroscience Interdepartmental Programs (NSIDP). Through its outreach programs the BRI strives to enrich scientific knowledge in the community. Highlights of outreach are summer research programs and hosting visits to and from local K-12 schools.

The BRI Director heads a leadership team composed of the Neuroscience Interdepartmental Programs Chairs and the Directors for Research, Education and Outreach.