Training Grants

Training Grants

UCLA Bioscience Neuroscience Training Grants

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Note: the Training in Neurotechnology Translation (TNT) grant has its own website here:

Training Grant in Neurobehavioral Genetics T32NS048004 Carrie Bearden and Roel Ophoff
Training in Neurotechnology Translation T32NS115753 Nanthia Suthana, Dan Lu, Dejan Markovich
Translational Neuroscience of Drug Abuse T32DA024635 Edythe London
Brain and Behavioral Development during Adolescence T32HD091059 Andrew Fuglini, Mirella Dapretto
Training the science of child mental health treatment T32MH073517 Jim McCracken
Vision Science Training Program T32EY007023 Alapakkam Sampath
Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) T32GM008042 Carlos Portera, David Dawson


Other UCLA Bioscience Training Grants (might be out of date; May 2022)

To go to the NIH grants database RePORTER click here or on any of the grants listed below

Grant Email
Academic Training in Hematology
Biostatistics Training for AIDS Research
Biotechnology Training in Biomedical Sciences
California Center For Population Research (CCPR) at UCLA
Molecular Epidemiology Cancer Training Program
Cardiovascular Scientist Training Program
Chemistry Biology Interface Training Program
Interdisciplinary Training in Virology and Gene Therapy
Los Angeles Area Health Services Research Training Program
UCLA CalTech Medical Scientist Training Program
Multidisciplinary Training in Microbial Pathogenesis
NIGMS Systems and Integrative Biology
UCLA Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Training Program
Physics and Biology in Medicine Research Training
Research Training in Cellular and Molecular Biology
Training Grant in Genomic Analysis and Interpretation
Training the Science of Child Mental Health Treatment
Tumor Cell Biology Training Program
UCLA Tumor Immunology Institutional Training Grant
Vascular Biology Training Grant