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Invertebrate Neuroscience Affinity Group (INAG) Research Seminar -Marisa Mackie and Pablo Currea, Ph.D.

“Mapping Chemical Stimuli to Cognate Neurons via Genetically Encoded Calcium Indicators in P. pacificus

Marisa Mackie
Graduate Student
Laboratory of Dr. Ray Hong
Department of Biology
California State University – Northridge

Title TBD

Pablo Currea, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Laboratory of Dr. Mark Frye
Departments of Integrative Biology & Physiology and Neurobiology
UCLA College of Life Sciences

In-Person Event
Boyer Hall 159

For more information, please contact Elissa Hallem at

Special Seminar – Joshua Johansen, Ph.D.

“Constructing Emotional Representations in the Brain”

Joshua Johansen, Ph.D.
Team Leader
RIKEN Center for Brain Science

In-Person Event
Gonda Research Center 1357

For more information, please contact Avishek Adhikari at