Breona Leonard

Breona Leonard is a PhD researcher at UCLA in the Physics and Biology in Medicine Graduate Program. Her goal is to become an American Board of Radiology (ABR) certified medical physicist who dedicates her time to both clinical and research duties.

Current research focuses on using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the image analysis and evaluation of brain atrophy in multiple sclerosis. Additional work involves using estriol-mediated treatment to assess brain atrophy in menopause and identify specific sex differences within the disease.


The BRI has received a gift from the “Knaub Unitrust”  that was generously established by Richard and Suzanne Knaub in support of Multiple Sclerosis research at UCLA. This BRI endowment will provide about $20,000 per year (market dependent) to support projects related to MS. We have established an annual program to name and support the research of two Postdoctoral or Predoctoral “BRI Knaub Fellows”. Each fellow will receive up to $10,000 to support their project.

We will be accepting new applications in March, 2024.

Applications must include:

1.     The applicant’s NIH CV and the mentor’s NIH CV with personal statements related to this award.

2.     An up to two-page description of the background, aims and scope of the project (generally in NIH fellowship application format).

3.     A brief budget and justification on the intended use of the funds (up to $10,000).


Please send all documents as one PDF attachment to Joseph Quintero at JMQuintero@mednet.ucla.edu.

Criteria for funding includes:

1.     Excellence in research ideas and technologies with relevance to MS or to fundamental biology of the relevant cell types and circuits.

2.     Likelihood of  the research proposal impacting MS research.

3.     Excellence of the Student and Mentor for the proposed work.

4.     Multidisciplinary projects will be favored, but all ideas and projects will be considered. Use of UCLA cores is encouraged, but not critical.

We will support research and not salaries.

5.     Applicants may be asked to give a short 10 minute talk on their project to the Selection Committee if multiple applicants are being considered in the end.


If you have any questions, please contact Joseph Quintero at JMQuintero@mednet.ucla.edu. or call 310-825-6055.