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June 29, 2021Mehta, MayankVirtual reality boosts brain rhythms crucial for neuroplasticity, learning and memoryUCLA Health NewsArticle
June 25, 2021Zeiger, William; Portera-Cailliau, CarlosHow do brain cells compensate for damage from a stroke?UCLA Health NewsArticle
June 25, 2021Cooper, ZivaHigh Time: Alyson Martin And Nushin Rashidian On The Move Toward Legalizing CannabisThe SunInterview
June 25, 2021Zhang, YeDifferences in human, mouse brain cells have important implications for disease researchUCLA NewsroomArticle
June 15, 2021Ray, LaraMedication may help heavy-drinking smokers improve their healthUCLA NewsroomArticle
June 7, 2021John, VargheseUCLA Health researchers identify a new type of drug as a potential treatment for Parkinson’s diseaseUCLA Health NewsArticle
June 1, 2021Kadambi, AchutaFixing Medical Devices That Are Biased against Race or GenderScientific AmericanArticle
May 28, 2021Bitan, GalNew blood test reads messages from the brainUCLA Health NewsArticle
May 19, 2021Bearden, CarrieBrain structures grow differently in boys, men with autismSpectrum NewsArticle
May 18, 2021Horvath, SteveWhy Scientists Are Studying the Genetic Tricks of the Longest-Lived AnimalsSmithonian MagArticle
May 18, 2021Miklowitz, DavidOnline Therapy Works for Kids Battling Social AnxietyUS NewsArticle
April 23, 2021Suthana, NanthiaYour Health: Tracking the BrainUCLA Health NewsTV Interview
April 23, 2021Cooper, ZivaHeavy Marijuana use During Pregnancy Linked to Premature Birth, Early Infant DeathUCLA Health NewsArticle
April 5, 2021Suthana, NanthiaHow brains navigate physical spaceUCLA Health NewsTV Interview
April 1, 2021Fong, TimothyIt's Easy (and Legal) to Bet on Sports. Do Young Adults Know the Risks?UCLA Health NewsArticle
March 29, 2021Fong, TimothyWhat quitting weed does to your bodyUCLA Health NewsArticle
March 29, 2021Suthana, NanthiaBrain Tracking: Unraveling Mysteries of the Human MindUCLA Health NewsVideo
March 29, 2021Cooper, ZivaCBD Could Be A Key to Treating Addiction Long-Term, Studies ShowUCLA Health NewsArticle
March 25, 2021Yang, XiaProfessor and data scientist Xia Yang finds patterns that can improve our healthUCLA NewsroomArticle
March 22, 2021Irwin, MichaelHigher COVID-19 Risk for Physicians With Sleep TroublesUCLA Health NewsArticle
March 22, 2021Suthana, NanthiaNeuroscientist unravels mysteries of the human mindUCLA Health NewsVideo
March 19, 2021Fong, TimothyAlcoholic liver disease cases have spiked during the pandemic, especially among young womenUCLA Health NewsArticle
March 15, 2021Mody, IstvanUCLA forms collaboration with Yuyu Pharma to develop drug for stroke recoveryUCLA NewsroomArticle
March 14, 2021Flint, JonathanThe genetic and environmental components of depression.UCLA Health NewsRadio
March 7, 2021Flint, JonathanThe genetic and environmental components of depressionUCLA Health NewsRadio
March 2, 2021Geshcwind, DanielLab-grown brain organoids mimic the development of the real thingUCLA Health NewsArticle
March 1, 2021Voskuhl, RhondaUCLA forms research collaboration with Yuyu Pharma to advance MS treatmentUCLA NewsroomArticle
February 23, 2021Giza, ChristopherWhy a fake commute could pave the way to work-from-home balanceUCLA Health NewsArticle
February 22, 2021Geshcwind, DanielLab-grown brain organoids mature similarly to infant brainsUCLA Health NewsArticle
February 22, 2021Fong, TimothyGambling Addiction: A Silent Struggle for Many Asian AmericansUCLA Health NewsArticle
February 5, 2021Cooper, ZivaWomen Increasingly Turn to CBD, With or Without Doc's BlessingUCLA Health NewsArticle
January 30, 2021Irwin, MichaelTo boost immunity, forget ‘magic pills.’ Focus on sleep, exercise, diet and cutting stress.UCLA Health NewsArticle
January 15, 2021Miklowitz, David6 Ways to Manage Bipolar Disorder Triggers During COVID-19UCLA Health NewsArticle
December 2, 2020Fanselow, MichaelChronic opioid treatment may raise risk of post-traumatic stress disorder, study findsUCLA NewsroomArticle
November 23, 2020Craske, Michelle; Geschwind, Daniel; Horvath, Steve; Lusis, Aldon; Sofroniew, Michael38 UCLA scientists among world’s most influential researchersUCLA NewsroomArticle
September 23, 2020Hsiao, ElaineGuts and brains: How microbes in a mother’s intestines affect fetal neurodevelopmentUCLA NewsroomArticle
September 18, 2020Poe, GinaUCLA-led team of scientists discovers why we need sleepUCLA NewsroomArticle
August 4, 2020Flint, JonathonUCLA launches major mental health study to discover insights about depressionUCLA NewsroomArticle
May 19, 2020Bronstein, JeffScientists find evidence of link between diesel exhaust, risk of Parkinson’sUCLA NewsroomArticle
March 4, 2020Hartenstein, Volker; Butler. Samantha2019 UCLA microscopy image and video contest winners selectedUCLA NewsroomArticle
November 4, 2019Fanselow, MichaelStudy reveals how brain injury can lead to post-traumatic stress disorderUCLA NewsroomArticle
October 29, 2019Feusner, JamieWhether a fashion model or not, some body image concerns are universalUCLA NewsroomArticle
October 19, 2019 Khak, BaljitUCLA research identifies a potential strategy that may lead to treatment for the disorderUCLA NewsroomArticle
September 5, 2019Hsiao, ElaineStudy shows how serotonin and a popular anti-depressant affect the gut’s microbiotaUCLA NewsroomArticle
August 19, 2019Clarke, StevenBiochemists discover new insights into what may go awry in brains of people with Alzheimer’sUCLA NewsroomArticle
January 30, 2019Geschwind, DanielUCLA-led team uncovers critical new clues about what goes awry in brains of people with autismUCLA NewsroomArticle
January 17, 2019Correa, StephanieIn ‘game-changing’ finding, bone mass rose 800% after signals were blocked in brains of miceUCLA NewsroomArticle
November 16, 2018Gomez-Pinilla, FernandoUCLA cell study reveals how head injuries lead to serious brain diseasesUCLA NewsroomArticle
October 31, 2018Basso, Michele; Golshani, PeymanThree neuroscientists earn prestigious NIH grant for brain researchUCLA NewsroomArticle
August 8, 2018Harris, NeilNeuroscientist identifies biomarker for traumatic brain injuryUCLA NewsroomArticle
August 3, 2018Fallah, AriaUCLA neurosurgeon’s accurate diagnosis restored teen’s visionUCLA NewsroomArticle
August 2, 2018Mehta, MayankMayank Mehta’s work has implications for diagnosing and treating neurological diseasesUCLA NewsroomArticle
May 14, 2018Glanzman, DavidUCLA biologists ‘transfer’ a memoryUCLA NewsroomArticle
May 1, 2018Banerjee, UtpalTwo UCLA professors elected to the National Academy of Sciences for 2018UCLA NewsroomArticle
March 17, 2018White, StephanieGenes in songbirds hold clues about human speech disorders, UCLA biologists reportUCLA NewsroomArticle
February 15, 2018Parkinson, CarolynFive UCLA faculty members awarded 2018 Sloan Research FellowshipsUCLA NewsroomArticle
February 5, 2018Galvan, AdrianaHow brain’s reward system lessened distress over 2016 election resultsUCLA NewsroomArticle
January 11, 2018Butler, SamanthaUCLA scientists make cells that enable the sense of touchUCLA NewsroomArticle
March 6, 2017Yang, XiaHead injuries can alter hundreds of genes and lead to serious brain diseases, UCLA biologists reportUCLA NewsroomArticle