The Zeiger lab at UCLA is interested in the basic and translational mechanisms of circuit dysfunction in neurologic disorders. We use in vivo multi-photon and macroscopic imaging techniques, along with custom-built behavior assays, to study the function of cortical circuits and individual neurons in mouse models of stroke and Parkinson disease. We are searching for a highly motivated, creative, and interested individual to join a world-class community of neuroscientists at UCLA.


Duties and Responsibilities

· Develop and execute an independent research project relevant to the lab’s focus

· Mentor undergraduate student researchers

· Analyze and interpret data

· Prepare figures and draft manuscripts

· Present research at local, regional, and national meetings

· Apply for fellowship awards


Required Qualifications

· MD or PhD in Neuroscience, biology, or similar discipline

· Established track record demonstrating ability to complete projects

· Experience working with rodents

· Competency with fluorescence microscopy

· Excellent scientific communication skills

· Willingness to learn and ability to function independently


Preferred Qualifications

· Advanced experience with microscopy, particularly in vivo imaging, multi-photon imaging, or calcium imaging

· Competency with MATLAB, Python, or other programming languages

· Some computational neuroscience experience

· Experience with rodent behavioral studies and/or surgical procedures (craniotomies, stereotaxic injections)

· At least one first-author publication


For more information, please visit zeigerlab.dgsom.ucla.edu or e-mail wzeiger@mednet.ucla.edu.