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Anaeli Guzman

UCLA Mentor: Dr. William Grisham, Ph.D.

Poster Title: Differential Corpus Callosum Connections Across Mammalian Orders

Authors: Guzman, A., Patel, P., Schottler, N. A., and Grisham, W. E.

Yanelli Gonzalez

UCLA Mentor: Dr. Ketema Paul, Ph.D.

Poster Title: Brain Waveforms During NREM Sleep Are Altered in a Mouse Model for Dup15q Syndrome

Authors: Gonzalez, Y. G., Vincent, S., Wimmer, S., Trotter, D., Saravanapandian, V., Nichols, I., Golshani, P., and Paul, K. N.

Kyle Golden

UCLA Mentor: Dr. Ketema Paul, Ph.D.

Poster Title:Hydrogen-Rich Water Alters Several Aspects of NREM Sleep in Mice

Authors: Golden, K. L., Vincent, S. M., Madani, M., Jackson, C., Nichols, I. S., and Paul, K. N.

Benjamin Liu

UCLA Mentor: Dr. Dean Buonomano

Poster Title: Induction of Neural Clustering and Homeostatic Plasticity Through Chronic Activation of Sparsely Labeled Cortical Circuits

Authors: Liu, B., Seay, M. J., and Buonomano, D. V.