Posts classified under: Postdoctoral Fellow

Saray Soldado-Magraner

UCLA Mentor: Dr. Dean Buonomano, Ph.D.

Poster Title: Orchestrated Excitatory and Inhibitory Learning Rules That Lead to the Unsupervised Emergence of Self-Sustained Inhibition-Stabilized Dynamics

Authors: Soldado-Magraner, S., Laje, R., and Buonomano, D.

Mehga Sehgal

UCLA Mentor: Dr. Alcino Silva, Ph.D.

Poster Title: Branch-Specific Dendritic Plasticity in the Retrosplenial Cortex Integrates Contextual Memories Across Time

Authors: Sehgal, M., Filho, D. A., Martin, S., Mejia, I. D., Kastellakis, G., Kim, S., Lee, J., Pekcan, A., Huang, S., Lavi, A., Heo, W. D., Poirazi, P., Trachtenberg, J. T., and Silva, A. J.

Ronen Reshef

UCLA Mentor: Dr. Peyman Golshani, M.D., Ph.D.

Poster Title: Hippocampal Neural Dynamics of Spatial Navigation in the Morris Water Maze

Authors: Reshef, R., Shahi, M., Aharoni, D., and Golshani, P.

Chinmay Purandare

UCLA Mentor: Dr. Mayank Mehta, Ph.D.

Poster Title: Moving Bar of Light Evokes Vectorial Spatial Selectivity in Place Cells

Authors: Purandare, C., Dhingra, S., Rios, R., Vuong, C., To, T., Hachisuka, A., Choudhary, K., and Mehta, M.