Larry F. Hoffman, Ph.D.


Clinical Interests: Clinical Neurophysiology Research Interests: Vestibular Neuroscience Dr. Hoffman’s research is conducted under the auspice of the National Multipurpose Research and Training Center for vestibular neuroscience from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD). It is devoted to improving the understanding of how information regarding head movements, resulting from transduction mechanisms of the vestibular receptors within the inner ear, is encoded, distributed, and utilized within the central nervous system (CNS). Currently, these investigations are focused upon the neurophysiologic and neuroanatomic organization of vestibular primary afferent neurons, the cells providing the communication between the peripheral vestibular receptors and the CNS. Considerable effort is also devoted to the pathophysiology of these neurons in models of nerve regeneration, ototoxicity, and regeneration of the sensory epithelium. Additionally, current research includes investigations of the anatomy and cell biology of efferent vestibular neurons (cells that provide communication from the CNS back to the peripheral vestibular receptors). Dr. Hoffman is very active in teaching and supervising projects of research trainees at various levels including undergraduate, graduate, medical, postdoctoral, and resident students. His administrative activities include the organization of the Division’s Basic Science curriculum, and assisting in the administration of the Division’s institutional training grant from the NIDCD.