Niranjala J.K. Tillakaratne, Ph.D


A selected list of publications:

Duru Paul, Tillakaratne Niranjala, Kim Jung, Zhong Hui, Stauber Stacey, Pham Tran, Xiao Mei Si, Edgerton V. Reggie, Roy Roland.   Spinal neuronal activation during locomotor-like activity enabled by epidural stimulation and 5-hydroxytryptamine agonists in spinal rats, J Neurosci Res, 2015; 93(8): 1229-1239.
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Shah Prithvi K, Garcia-Alias Guillermo, Choe Jaehoon, Gad Parag, Gerasimenko Yury, Tillakaratne Niranjala, Zhong Hui, Roy Roland R, Edgerton V Reggie   Use of quadrupedal step training to re-engage spinal interneuronal networks and improve locomotor function after spinal cord injury Brain : a journal of neurology, 2013; 136(Pt 11): 3362-77.
Joseph M Selvan, Ying Zhe, Zhuang Yumei, Zhong Hui, Wu Aiguo, Bhatia Harsharan S, Cruz Rusvelda, Tillakaratne Niranjala J K, Roy Roland R, Edgerton V Reggie, Gomez-Pinilla Fernando   Effects of diet and/or exercise in enhancing spinal cord sensorimotor learning PloS one, 2012; 7(7): e41288.
Joseph M Selvan, Bilousova Tina, Zdunowski Sharon, Wu Zhongqi-Phyllis, Middleton Blake, Boudzinskaia Maia, Wong Bonnie, Ali Noore, Zhong Hui, Yong Jing, Washburn Lorraine, Escande-Beillard Nathalie, Dang Hoa, Edgerton V Reggie, Tillakaratne Niranjala J K, Kaufman Daniel L   Transgenic mice with enhanced neuronal major histocompatibility complex class I expression recover locomotor function better after spinal cord injury Journal of neuroscience research, 2011; 89(3): 365-72.
Tillakaratne NJ, Guu JJ, de Leon RD, Bigbee AJ, London NJ, Zhong H, Ziegler M,Joynes R, Roy RR, Edgerton VR.   Functional recovery of stepping in rats after a complete neonatal spinal cord transection is not due to regrowth across the lesion site , Neuroscience, 2010; 166: 23-33.
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