Tamia Carter

Tamia Carter

UCLA-HBCU Summer Research Student

Year in program: 2020

UCLA Mentors: Dr. Alicia Izquierdo

HBCU Mentors: Dr. Alicia McClain


Current Institution: Norfolk State University

Tamia Carter is a junior biology major and chemistry minor in a STEM program at Norfolk State University located in Norfolk, VA. She is from Portsmouth, VA, but has also lived in a few nearby cities. Her career goal is to become a pediatric neurologist because she loves learning about the brain and working with children. She feels that with the proper knowledge and experience she can help families diagnose and treat their children correctly and effectively. Beyond this goal, Tamia would also like to use her experience to establish medical centers in areas that are limited in those resources as well. She hasn’t solidified her research interests yet; however, she is open to research in relation to music therapy and the effect of music on the brain particularly because she has a musical background in percussion.