Goodman-Luskin Microbiome Center First Annual Symposium: “Metabolism, Microbes and the Mind-Gut Connection: A SCORE and GLMC Symposium”

April 4, 2024

11:30am – 5:00pm


CNSI Auditorium / Zoom

“Metabolism, Microbes and the Mind-Gut Connection: A SCOREand GLMC Symposium”


John F. Cryan, Ph.D.
Vice-President, Research and Innovation, APC Microbiome Ireland
Professor and Chair, Departments of Anatomy and Neuroscience, University College Cork (Ireland)

Margaret J. McFall-Ngai, Ph.D.
Faculty Associate
Department of Biology and Biological Engineering

Ivan Vujkovic-Cvijin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Departments of Biomedical Sciences and Medicine

Hybrid Event
In-Person: California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) Auditorium
Virtual: Zoom Registration

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