The Carol Moss Spivak Scholar

The Carol Moss Spivak Scholar

Peyman Golshani

Peyman Golshani, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Golshani obtained his M.D./Ph.D. from UC Irvine and UC Davis, where he trained under the mentorship of Dr. Edward G. Jones in the development of the corticothalamic synapse. He completed his Neurology residency at UCLA and obtained postdoctoral training with Dr. Felix Schweizer and Dr. Guoping Fan, where he studied the role of DNA methylation in development of cortical circuits. He then joined the UCLA faculty, and in collaboration with Dr. Portera-Cailliau and Dr. Stelios Smirnakis, studied the developmental desynchronization of internally generated activity in the cerebral cortex.

The Golshani laboratory now investigates how cortical microcircuits in the awake-behaving animal encode sensory input and how disorders such as autism and developmental epilepsies disrupt functional cortical connectivity. By finding the specific microcircuit elements causing network dysfunction, Dr. Golshani hopes to discover new treatments that will improve the lives of children suffering from these conditions. By looking at multiple models of these diseases, he hopes to find convergent evidence for shared physiological causes for these disorders. In the search for disease-related changes in neuronal network function, Dr. Golshani aims to uncover how the healthy brain processes sensory information, lays down and erases memories, and makes decisions.

Learn more about the Golshani Lab here.

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