Posts classified under: 2021

Chinmay Purandare

UCLA Mentor: Dr. Mayank Mehta, Ph.D.

Poster Title: Moving Bar of Light Evokes Vectorial Spatial Selectivity in Place Cells

Authors: Purandare, C., Dhingra, S., Rios, R., Vuong, C., To, T., Hachisuka, A., Choudhary, K., and Mehta, M.

Ruyi Huang

UCLA Mentor: Dr. Daniel Lu, M.D., Ph.D.

Poster Title: Amyloid-Beta Deposition in the Lumbosacral Spinal Circuit Impairs Both the Short-Term and Long-Term Neuroplasticity of Locomotion

Authors: Huang, R., Joseph, M. S., Zhong, H., Roy, R., Chang, J., Iglesias, M., Truong, P. A., Shahrestani, S., Madhavan, M., Zhou, Y., Li, K., Leiter, J. C., Koo, E., Edgerton, R., and Lu, D. C.

Valeria Gonzalez Diaz

UCLA Mentors: Aaron Blaisdell, Ph.D. and Alicia Izquierdo, Ph.D.

Poster Title: Dissociable Roles for Basolateral Amygdala (BLA) and Anterior Cingulate Cortex (ACC) in the Bias for Information

Authors: Gonzalez Diaz, V. V., Gomez, M. G., Blaisdell, A. P., and Izquierdo, A.

Ana Sias

UCLA Mentor: Dr. Kate Wassum, Ph.D.

Poster Title: Dopamine Projections to the Basolateral Amygdala Mediate the Encoding of Outcome-Specific Reward Memories

Authors: Sias, A. C., Goodpaster, C., Jafar, Y., Wrenn, T., and Wassum, K. M.