Posts classified under: 2021

Megan Massa

UCLA Mentor: Dr. Stephanie Correa, Ph.D.

Poster Title: Integration of Metabolic and Reproductive Cues in a Novel Hypothalamic Node of the Feeding Circuit

Authors: Massa, M. G., Van Veen, J. E., Ali, S., Tesfaye, B., and Correa, S. M.

Ying Lin

UCLA Mentor: Dr. S. Larry Zipursky, Ph.D.

Poster Title: Temporal Genetic Program Controls Global Wiring of Post-mitotic Neurons

Authors: Lin, Y., Jain, S., Kurmangaliyev, Y. Z., Locascio, S. A., Valdes-Aleman, J., Mirshahidi, P., Parrington, B., and Zipursky, S. L.

My La-Vu

UCLA Mentor: Dr. Avishek Adhikari, Ph.D.

Poster Title: A Genetically-Defined Population in the Lateral and Ventrolateral Periaqueductal Grey Selectively Promotes Active Avoidance From Threat

Authors: La-Vu, M. Q., Sethi, E., Pereira, S., Schuette, P., Tobias, B., Reis, F., Wang, W., Leonard, S., Lin, L., and Adhikari, A.

Cassandra Klune

UCLA Mentor: Dr. Laura DeNardo, Ph.D.

Poster Title: Development of Medial Prefrontal Cortex Circuitry and Its Role in the Maturation of Adaptive Avoidance in Mice

Authors: Klune, C. B., Goodpaster, C. M., Chen, R., and DeNardo, L. A.