Posts classified under: 2021

Benita Jin

UCLA Mentor: Dr. Laura DeNardo, Ph.D.

Poster Title: Functional Connectomes of Amnesic and Persistent Memories

Authors: Jin, B. M., Wu, A., and DeNardo, L. A.

Leonardo Dionisio

UCLA Mentor: Dr. Walter Babiec, Ph.D.

Poster Title: Designing Lasting, Widely Available Digital Engagement Tools for STEM-Neuroscience Outreach

Authors: Dionisio, L. E., and Babiec, W. E.

Elizabeth Cooke

UCLA Mentor: Dr. Stephanie White, Ph.D.

Poster Title: Area X Marks the Spot: Cell-Type-Specific Transcriptomic Signatures of Vocal Learning in the Juvenile Zebra Finch

Authors: Cooke, E. K., and White, S. A.

Stephanie Cheung

UCLA Mentor: Dr. Peyman Golshani, M.D., Ph.D.

Poster Title: Integration of Sensory and Temporal Information in CA3 During Working Memory

Authors: Cheung, S. K., Dorian, C. C., Safaryan, K., Taxidis, J., and Golshani, P.